Our Team

Grant Snell (Director)

Grant Snell

Managing Director

“My passion is in food and beverages, both from a packaging and production perspective. I love finding the right solutions for clients.”

Grant looks back at a long career in business development and sales for major companies such as Krones, Multivac and TNA and understands that selling is a function of technical knowledge, relationships and finding the right solution.

Grant is a rare member of the sales breed who understands and values systems and a structured approach over a quick result. Everyone needs to win!

Hans Kopruch (Founding Director)

Hans Kopruch


“The best team cannot function without good systems and structure. However, the best structures and systems don’t make a team.”

Hans has developed an understanding of human factors in business based on Transactional Analysis that allows him to form tremendous teams and highly functional and performing businesses. He is experienced in systems implementation to ISO standards, whilst embracing lean concepts.

Hans is the author of human factors and business books and has developed and delivers cutting-edge training courses.

From 01 April 2022, Hans has stepped back from client duties and is actively working on maintaining our Human Factors training series, while taking time to enjoy retirement.